Axton Lodge's Rocky Knoll Barns

   4261 Martin Dr Axton, VA 24054
indoor, outdoor events  venue
4261 Martin Dr
Axton Va 24054

Axton Lodge was once a part of History for the Area, As we are hoping The Pines will be also.

Axton Lodge was the previous Grant estate that was owned by Mrs. E. Stuart James Grant, the great grandaughter of JEB Stuart.  All of the buildings on Axton Lodge were built from the field stone found there.  In 1997 this property was put up for auction and the 2 Rock Barns, 1 cow, 1 Horse; along with the gardeners house and 6.4 acres were aquired by Eva Willis.   Eva along with her family transformed a beautiful old rock horse barn into a active and running reception facility.  Eva has always loved the outdoors and had a dream when this property was bought to offer all outdoors lovers a place to hold their events.  There is plenty of indoor space but we like to open the barn doors, turn up the music and bring the feeling of nature in.