Axton Lodge's Rocky Knoll Barns

   4261 Martin Dr Axton, VA 24054
indoor, outdoor events  venue
4261 Martin Dr
Axton Va 24054

We do not offer any catering at this time.  We do have a few caterers that we deal with on a regular basis or you are welcome to bring the caterer of your choice.  
       Catering Large and Small


Ask us about a price on catering your wedding reception or your party.  We have pricing from several reliable caterers that we work with that are reasonable, and that we trust to prepare the food we will serve for you. 


We have complete catering packages, where we not only get your food ready, but we set-up your reception, keep it up, and clean up the kitchen as well as the premises after you are finished with an evening of partying.  Because our workers have spent many hours working on the premises they are familiar with where to find things, how things work, etc.  They do not have to be asked to do something they are on it before you see it.  So let us give you a quote.  I will be adding sample menus to this page shortly


If you choose to go with your own catering you should be aware that there is no cooking on the premises unless it is like barbecue or other food cooked on a grill.  Heating only in the buildings.  You or your caterers will be responsible for setting everything up and cleaning up afterwards.  We ask that all caterers meet with us prior to your reception or party, and that at the time of delivery they park in the proper place marked “Caterers”.