Axton Lodge's Rocky Knoll Barns

   4261 Martin Dr Axton, VA 24054
indoor, outdoor events  venue
4261 Martin Dr
Axton Va 24054

The Estate of Elizabeth Stuart James Grant the great granddaughter of Jeb Stuart hence came the name Stuart in her name.

 Axton Lodge, "The Pines" was once a part of Mrs. E. Stewart James 100 The Estate of Elizabeth Stuart James Grant the great grandaughter of Jeb Stuart hence came the name Stuart in her name. 0 Acre Estate.  Below you will find an article w/pictures from the Times Herald Dated Sunday April 20, 1941.  This article was written when Miss Grant Turned 21.  As you read the article be aware of the similarities of it's use then and now.  I had no idea when I purchased the 2 rock barns and the gardeners house in 1997 that it was used for anything but her families use.  I purchased it to come out here and live quietly with my Collie Dog, Prissy and hopefully a horse in the near future.  I thought it was going to be my home; I was persuaded to make it into a banquet hall, by my children.  I had run a Cake, Catering and Floral shop, called Bakers Fantasy in Danville Virginia for 20 some years at the time.  My children thought it seemed like the perfect place to carry on that business. . That is when my retirement went right out the window. 

Together with my daughter Heather Watlington and Son David Willis, Jr. and some other friends we created Axton Lodge, "The Pines" as it is now known.  I now live in the gardeners’ house, care for the grounds, have beautiful flower beds, lawns, my dog, a new collie named Micah; and the horse has long since came and gone. 

It is a quiet and beautiful country location most of the time, till the weddings or parties get started then it is transformed into a dream wedding, anniversary or birthday party.  I think Mrs. Grant would approve.  While I wish I could own all of the other buildings and more of the estate I am satisfied for the time with what I have.


My apologies for the words that you can not read in the articles, it was very old and the copy could only do so much.  Read and enjoy the heritage of Axton Lodge, which was what the whole estate was known as.



Eva Willis new owner since 1997.


Articles on Miss James Life, later to be Mrs. Grant

Times Herald Sunday, April 20, 1941