Axton Lodge's Rocky Knoll Barns

   4261 Martin Dr Axton, VA 24054
indoor, outdoor events  venue
4261 Martin Dr
Axton Va 24054

Rates for Parties

Let me state in the beginning that these are Birthday, Anniversary, or any kind of party where invitations are being sent out and no donation or charge is being charged to come to the party.  No alcohol is being sold.  They are not to make a profit, just to have fun.  There is to be no entrance after 10 pm.

Children?s Birthday Parties, Wedding or Baby Showers, etc.:  Dates booked for these with 50 or less guest is $300. For this price the dates will have to be on a Sunday afternoon.  You will have the facility an average of 6 hours to set-up, have your party and clean up afterwards.  Extra hours will be at a charge of $50 an hour.  

Adult Birthday Parties 40th, 50th,etc.: can be held either Friday or Saturday nights.  

 50 to 100 people, with or without DJ (you may use our system)  

Held in current Lodge, downstairs only -- $500  

This is for a 4 hour event total.  each additional hour is $100

Liability Insurance Must be obtained and a copy given to our Staff  Before the Party

                                                No insurance No party  (All Adult Parties)